Adding farmland to your investment portfolio

Hosachiguru helps buyers own and manage well-curated farmlands for long-term wealth benefits

21st March, 2021

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Managed Farmlands: A new asset class for new age investors

India has witnessed growth & expansion in several real estate asset classes that are often categorised as alternative assets..,

24th March, 2021

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Agritech: Buying and managing a farm now made easy with tech

Bengaluru-based agritech firm Hosachiguru gives you a chance to own a farmland, grow trees/crops, and spend your weekends at the farm..

17th February, 2021

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Working from farm trending

As work-from-home continues, many professionals are seeking new places to work from. The more affluent are looking at the possibility of investing in farm plots and collectives, and working from their own properties in the lap of nature.

13th February, 2021

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A SAAS model for owning farmlands: how startups Beforest, Hosachiguru are creating a new asset class

15th January, 2021

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IoT-enabled devices are proving handy in cutting water wastage on farms

IoT-based technology is also coming handy in making farm management easier, especially for urban farmers who, unable to maintain their farmland on their own, leave it to farmers in rural areas

11th January, 2021

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Gated Farming Societies

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[Year in Review 2020] These top 25 startup stories are sure to inspire and motivate you.

As we get ready to put the old in the past and ring in the new, let’s cast a look back at the top 25 startup stories featured on YourStory in 2020. This list of startups and entrepreneurs were loved and shared, and are sure to inspire and enthuse you.

December 29th 2020

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Professionals in Bengaluru: Farming to beat urban stress

BENGALURU: Professionals in Bengaluru are increasingly investing in farmland and agro-forestry, in a bid to beat the stress of their busy urban lives. For many, it’s a way to stay in touch with their agricultural roots, while for others they are havens for quiet weekends with their families.

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Startup Capital | Hosachiguru | A Farm to Call your Own!

Instead of buying property only to sell it at a higher price in a few years, why not invest in a farm to grow your food or a mini-forest? Hosachiguru is a company that will not only help you buy a land but also manage it and sell the produce!

19th September, 2020

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This agritech startup helps people own and manage farms for long-term wealth benefits

Bengaluru-based agritech startup Hosachiguru helps people own agricultural assets and manages them on their behalf through its farm-as-a-service model.

9th September, 2020

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The Karnataka Land Reforms Amendment gives the right to any individual to purchase agricultural land.

BENGALURU: In a great relief to the ruling BJP government in Karnataka, the state legislative council on Tuesday passed the crucial land reforms bill. The nod of the Upper House to the crucial amendment to the law puts an end to the uncertainties over the bill.

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Hosachiguru advocates conservation of soil by practicing various sustainable soil management techniques at the farms to prevent soil erosion and maintain soil health

When plants photosynthesise and respire, they convert CO2 from the air into energy in the form of sugars that help them grow and form part of their structures. When plants are growing, some of these sugars are exuded into the soil from their roots.

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Goa state cabinet has joined the league with the policy decision to promote commercial tree plantations on private lands through a simplified regulatory regime.

Panaji: Giving impetus to commercial plantation on non-forest land, the state cabinet on Wednesday took a policy decision to promote the same on

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Hosachiguru was awarded for the Best Managed Farmland Company by The Economic Times. This prestigious award marks our vision and undying commitment for a greener tomorrow.

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